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2023 Meeting Summary

The Oregon Sheep Commission held its Regular Meeting and Annual Budget Hearing on May 26, 2023, during which the Commission adopted the FY 2023-2024 Budget and approved a total of three projects to receive Commission funding.

  1. Umatilla County Fair Carcass Lamb Contest – approved for a maximum of $1,500

The Umatilla Carcass Lamb Contest achieves all three goals of the Commission through promotion, education and research.

Due to the declining options for USDA slaughter facilities to harvest the lambs and accommodate the carcass evaluation, the cost of the contest has increased. The Umatilla County Fair is requesting funds to defray the cost of hauling lambs to the slaughter facility and the expenses for the lamb grader to perform the carcass evaluation. The funding request is for mileage, per diem and lodging expenses.


  1. Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom – Wool Education Resources – approved for maximum of $3,000

In addition to continuing the previous Wool Education spinning kits developed and distributed through Oregon AITC, this year AITC staff plan to add two new teaching features. The first will utilize Shearing School videos to devise a virtual fieldtrip to experience sheep shearing; and the second will develop a teaching kit demonstrating the use of the by-product lanolin in making lotions and creams.


  1. Oregon State Fair Open Class Sheep Awards – approved for max. of $600

Jodi Rametes with Oregon State Fair requested funds to purchase four Pendleton Blankets to be awarded for Champion and Supreme Champion in the Open Class Sheep Show for both wool and meat breeds during 2023 Oregon State Fair.

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Adopted Budget for 2023-2024 Fiscal Year

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