Projects Funded

The Oregon Sheep Commission prepares a budget each year and, in the process, reviews proposals from organizations and individuals who have submitted funding requests for projects that meet Commission goals. Assessment funds may only be utilized for promotions and educational projects or for research specifically targeting the sheep industry. Assessments funds may not be used to assist an individual or for direct lobbying.

Some of the past projects funded by the Oregon Sheep Commission include:

  • Purchase of lamb for annual Food and Wine Pairing event at Oregon State Fair
  • Oregon Make It with Wool Contest
    Download Report (PDF)
  • Oregon State University research on the effects of PG-600® on ovulations, pregnancy and lambing rates
    Download Report (PDF)
  • Research conducted by USDA, ARS, US Sheep Experiment Station into Use of a Selenium-rich co-product to manage Selenium deficiency in Oregon sheep
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  • Pilot project to test the efficacy of using wireless cameras to monitor predator traps
  • Oregon Sheep Growers Assn. Shearing School Program
  • Oregon State University Extension research in Selenium Supplementation Strategies for Livestock in Oregon
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  • Oregon State University Extension research into Potential loss of Selenium during transportation of lambs

Applying for Funds

Organizations or individuals interested in requesting funding support from the Commission must submit a written application by May 1, for the upcoming fiscal year. The Commission’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. The annual budget hearing is generally scheduled during May or June and notification will be provided to all applicants after June 30.

Applications may be mailed or sent electronically to the Commission office and postmarked by May 1.

Oregon Sheep Commission
1270 Chemeketa Street NE
Salem, OR. 97301-4145

Funding Application Form
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